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About Inhouse Interiors

​Inhouse Interiors & Renovation Pte Ltd was started by a small team of 3 founders in the months just before the COVID-19 pandemic. We originally began as a team selling imported SuoFeiYa custom cabinets under Picket&Rail, but the massive disruptions to global shipping caused by the coronavirus made continuing under our original mission impossible.  ​ Cut adrift, the team had to pivot swiftly. Light renovation services were meant to be a 'side dish' to the cabinetry work, but with no other source of income, we doubled down on renovation and built up strong project management skills working throughout the course of the pandemic. Shortages of manpower, steadily increasing material costs, and an island-wide drop in sales made for a hard journey, but Inhouse Interiors survived. ​ Four years later, we've come full circle on the company's original purpose, with the establishment of our own independently-run carpentry workshop at Kaki Bukit. We continue to operate as a full-service Interior Design and Renovation firm, and take pride in serving clients with distinction today.

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Ready to get started on your renovation? Just reach out to us and we’ll arrange a site visit to your location free of charge so we can give specific advice.


If you haven’t collected your keys but wish to plan ahead, you can visit us at our premises located at 25 Kaki Bukit Road 4.

Thanks for contacting us! We'll be in touch soon.

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