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Carpentry & Renovation Services

Custom Carpentry

Of all the trades, carpentry is the most flexible and powerful way to shape a space to your aesthetic and practical needs.

You control the form, color, texture and more. Whether your goal is to utilise every inch of space, concealment of services,  or a beautiful home that will make your friends jealous, we have you covered.

We have our own production facilities and can bring you solid work at a great price.

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Tiling & Masonry

Tiled finishes are pretty, tough, and easy to love. Choose from a dazzling variety of tiles and make your space your own.

We're well acquainted with difficult or technical tiling work such as transitions between different floor heights, mixing and matching different tiles, and laying very large or very small tiles. 

Our masonry team can also build walls, cabinet bases, sink supports and more.

Electrical Work

Cable may be generic, but the planning behind it isn’t. We’ll consult with you to make sure all your power sockets and switches are optimally positioned for your daily use, lights are bright enough for your space, and everything just works.


Plumbing Work

Inhouse Interiors offers the full range of plumbing services, from simple work like mounting up new fixtures to the complex like squeezing a bathtub into a small HDB toilet. Our experienced plumber has decades of experience in solving tricky issues for happy customers.

Hacking & Disposal

If you don't need it, we'll delete it. 

Most renovation jobs require at least some hacking and disposal, and we're well prepared for the task. Whether it's light work or heavy-duty disposal to strip your unit right down to the screed, we have the manpower and expertise to do it properly and efficiently. 

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Aluminum & Glass

Glass and aluminum work can transform a space, making it feel much more light, airy and open. 

Our skilled craftsmen specialize in custom glass installations and precision aluminum work to bring that feeling into your space.

Air-Con Work

A well-planned and properly installed air conditioning system is key to keeping cool and comfortable.


From installations to repairs, our skilled technicians deliver reliable air conditioning solutions. Trust us for efficient service that ensures your comfort year-round.

Installing Laminated Floor

Vinyl Flooring

Modern vinyl flooring is attractive, durable and looks very close to real wood flooring without the vulnerability to moisture. 

If you're looking for a flooring finish that is seamless, quick and clean to install, look no further.  

Painting & Plastering

You can have it in any color you like.

A fresh, well-executed coat of paint can transform your space and make it feel fresh and clean. We not only provide painting services but can advise you on the use of anti-mould, water-resistant, washable, and other specialist paint types. 

Paint Supplies

Partition & False Ceiling

Turn one room into two.

Partition work is a quick and affordable way to rework the available space in your home or commercial premises. 

We also do false ceiling work to create clean, seamless finishes and conceal cables, pipes, water heaters and more.

Get a Free Site Visit & Quotation

Ready to get started on your renovation? Just reach out to us and we’ll arrange a site visit to your location free of charge so we can give specific advice.


If you haven’t collected your keys but wish to plan ahead, you can visit us at our premises located at 25 Kaki Bukit Road 4.

Thanks for contacting us! We'll be in touch soon.

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